Eco friendly gift wrapping ideas using budget friendly materials

3 Eco Friendly & Stylish gift wrapping ideas on a budget

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3 Eco Friendly & Stylish gift wrapping
ideas on a budget

How to stylishly wrap parcels & make them eco & budget Friendly

Eco friendly and budget friendly stylish gift wrapping tutorial

Looking for ways to spread the eco love with some beautiful botanical flair? In this video we’ve got both recyclable wrapping and some gorgeous greenery to really make your gifts a statement piece. Sustainable? Check. Stylish? Check, and cost effective to boot. What’s not to love?

What you Need:

So in the video, I used:
Kraft paper
Its recyclable and also made from recycled paper (double woop) 
Mine was a jute string which gardeners use, but you can also use a hessian one too. Both are biodegradable and made from natural fibers
Framers tape (Biodegradable)
A tape that is created from recycled paper. It can be recycled too and is a lot better for the environment than standard cellotape.
Plants / Flowers
Picked from the garden. I used lavender, heather and Hebe (a bush / hardy shrub)
Make sure to check the plants aren't poisonous before picking. Only a couple of stalks are needed for a very effective aesthetic. 
•Paint, toothbrush or paintbrush
For the speckled effect on the black kraft package. I used acrylic paint but most paints would work. 

Kraft paper eco friendly gift wrapping ideas
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Gift wrapping - Making it extra special

Now you've created your gift wrapping masterpiece, why not elevate the look with some wonderful wooden gift tags?
Here at ingrained Inc we strive to reduce/reuse/recycle as much as possible and these tags can be used in a multitude of different ways - such as: door embellishments, Christmas tree decorations and toy box tags to name a few - the only limit is your imagination!
Drop us a message and send us some of the creative ways you've used your tags, we absolutely love seeing all the variety in how you've used our products!
Also find the range of gift tags below

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