7 Ways to Autumn-ify your Home

7 Ways to Autumn-ify your Home

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It's Autumn! Crunchy leaves, roaring fires and blankets galore!
Over at Ingrained Inc. we love this beautiful season and for plenty of good reasons.
In this blog, I'm going to show you how I like to capture the autumnal sprit and bring it inside, whether that be creating wee nooks in the house to showcase my favourite things or table centrepieces to really highlight some of the finest elements of the season

So by now, you'll have probably heard of the Scandinavian trend of Hygge - but for those not au fait - its basically a lifestyle trend based around comfort and cosiness.

But we're a Scottish business, So let me instead introduce you to the concept of Coorie.
The etymology of the word Coorie began as "to stoop, bend or crouch for protection" but over time changed to mean "to snuggle or nestle" which in turn, has been adopted as a lifestyle trend quite similar to that of Hygge.

So go on that golden toned walk through the forest, cast off your big coat, grab a hot chocolate (or coffee and Baileys) and Coorie Doon.

Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash

Here are my 7 favourite ways for giving your home the perfect autumn treatment:

Dried flowers / Plants

Bring the outside in! Autumn is a perfect way to show off mother nature in all her glory.
Pinecones are a fantastic way to do this and an amazing way to get the kids involved. My favourite game to play with my girls is "who can find the smallest / biggest pinecone" this way you’re bound to get a wonderful collection very quickly & it gives you an opportunity for foraging adventures outside.

Our garden gives us a lot of gems. I've created whole floral displays in my home with things I've found in the garden. Sticks, dried out foliage and dried flower heads can all make something very autumnal, without breaking the bank. Or in my case all free! All you need is a nifty vase and you’re set!

Here’s a video tutorial on how to create your very own dried flower arrangement:

So first of all you need something to contain your flowers - commonly known as a vase - but honestly, anything vaguely vase-like will suffice! The one I'm using is an old Harry Potter cauldron mug that had lived in the back of the cupboard for quite some time, so I spray painted the logo black and voila! Perfect.

So next you need your plants, I’m using:

  • Dried eucalyptus from our tree: It went a bit mad this year - we had to trim it frequently - so there was lots of excess foliage for us to use.
  • Poppy seed heads: These were saved from our ornamental purple poppies - remember to remove the seeds first or you’ll end up with them EVERYWHERE.
  • Dried grass seeds: Found these in a verge / hedgerow.
  • Dried flower heads: Also found in a verge on the way back from the school run.
  • Sticks: Found almost anywhere there is any tree or tree adjacent area (alternatively you can steal them from a dog if you're an absolute monster)

I’ve found arranging the foliage first is the easiest as it’s the biggest thing, then slotting everything else around the leaves is a lot simpler, as you can use them as a prop to help the other elements stand up.

I’ve used the rule of 3 on the grass, dried flower head and sticks. Using 3 of each item helps to distribute the weight, and gives the eye something to focus on.

The great thing about dried flowers is that you can move them around as you like - with no water dripping everywhere, so if you think you want another focal point somewhere else it’s super easy to change it up.
For example: other great plants to use would be Heathers, dried lavender, and dried grasses.

So there you go. An easy and free way of getting some Autumn into your house.


Re-using / re-arranging your items in a completely new way.

I love changing up a few corners of the house to keep it seasonal. It stops me from getting bored seeing the same things over and over again - that's my creative brain leaking out! - and in turn prevents me from wanting to completely redecorate a whole room - much to my husbands delight! (You're welcome Matt!)

I massively enjoy finding a few select items that I love, so I can tie them in with what I'm trying to create. Such as: coloured books, rocks, and different ornaments from around the house - Then rearranging them in a brand new way. This way I'm not buying new items, I’m just admiring what I have and seeing them in a whole new light, just by changing the way I display them!

copper squirrel figurine with pinecone and conkers on a mantelpiece

This cute squirrel, was on a bookshelf tucked away, but now he has pride of place on the mantelpiece 'guarding' the treasures the kids bring home when out for walks.

Using colours to get the ‘feel’

Try for warm colours - your oranges, reds, yellows & browns. All the colours you think of when you think of autumn.
Here’s a colour chart of my favourite autumnal colours,

Autumnal colour palette


Stick to colours that compliment each other and add a few accent’s here and there.

 orange colour autumn decor with floral arrangement and pumpkin

 In love with the sage, cream and orange colours of last years décor.

Use fabrics for textures

Now, I love a massive, fluffy blanket especially when it gets to snuggle season. As well as being practical, keeping you warm without having the heating on full blast, they're great for adding a luxury feel to a sofa or nook, especially if you pair it with some cute throw pillows. Definite coorie vibes here!

Cosy blankets next to a window with a pumpkin and a cup of tea

Photo by Ekaterina Kasimova on Unsplash


Candles, as well as being a self care staple, can add an extra sensory dimension to a space by engaging your sense of smell. Warming and spicy scents such as pumpkin, honey and cinnamon will really round out your decor and the overall feel of the space. 

Cosy autumn Candles hyggePhoto by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Did you know that sense of smell is closely linked to the memory and emotional reaction portion of the brain. That's why certain smells conjure nostalgia, spiced apple always reminds me of cold nights drawing in and sitting by a blazing fire in my old, childhood house. 

You can also really play with light, creating some soft glows and shadows to really highlight the favourite parts of your home. 

 A mantelpiece (if you have one) is an ideal spot for this.


Got Wood?

Show it off, obviously I love wooden things - it's literally my job description! There's certainly no lack of wooden decorative items in my home! propagation vase made from wood

But this time of year is the perfect time to display them. Wood adds warmth, texture, and a sense of nature to a space.

mantelpiece with pumpkin and botanical / floral autumn décor

Here's another part of our mantlepiece, Using wood to tie in colour palettes and botanical designs.  

Stick a Pumpkin on it

Obviously pumpkins are synonymous with autumn and spooky season, so if you just add just 1 mini pumpkin to your home then you're golden - the mini squashes are the cutest! - and only £0.89 from Aldi.

Pumpkins in a basket for autumn decor
You can use them as candle holders, flower vases, and generally looking awesome. Get creative!
I absolutely love the white ones.
And bonus - you can then decorate them when Halloween comes around!

Pumpkin flower arrangement vase

Photo by Robert Ban on Unsplash


I hope you’ve enjoyed this wee guide. Tag me on instagram @ingrained_inc if you’ve been inspired to Autumn-ify your home. I very much love browsing autumn décor so if you can fill my life with more then I’m all for it!


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