Valentines day gift guide Personalised Keepsakes for a Natural and Cosy Valentines day

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Personalised Keepsakes for a Natural and Cosy Valentines

With Valentines day just around the corner forget crowded restaurants, chocolates bought at the petrol stations, and flowers from the from of the supermarket. (Boring!)

Here at Ingrained Inc, we handcraft personalised gifts to make it super easy for you to win at Valentines day! The perfect gifts for a cosy, considered and tat free Valentines day. 

boy sending heart roses

Wooden Valentine's Charcuterie Board:

From surprise pancake breakfasts to indoor picnics, this board becomes a great way to serve some of your favourite nibbles and accompaniments. Imagine their face when you've put together the best cheese platter with all their favourite picky bits! YUM! 
Valentines day cheese board layout idea for brie, engraved funny pun serving board
Here's a quick idea for a valentines charcuterie board layout. I carved hearts out of the babybel cheese, used our favourite red fruits, veggies and sides, to create this look. It looks quite intricate to make but is actually quite simple! 

wooden charcuterie board spread idea, with the words, together is my favourite place to be engraved onto it

This is a bit more of a rustic homely idea, without the valentines theme. But still heartfelt and absolutely delicious. Find the together board here

For the Wanderer with a Grounded Soul:

Leather Keyring Companions: Wherever their adventures lead, these handcrafted real leather keychains keep their keys organised and connected. Imagine the subtle touch of your initials against their fingertips, a reminder of your bond, even when miles apart. They can be personalised on the reverse too, add your own special message or a significant date, to make it mean that much more. 

Leather Initial Keyrings For Couples For Him and Her

We also create these special Coordinate keyrings which are one of my favourites because we can add the etched coordinates of a special place – perhaps your first campsite, the balcony where you said "I love you," or the peak you conquered together. They are simple but oh so meaningful, a reminder of the journey you've embarked on and the paths you'll walk together.

Real Leather coordinate keyring for adventure loving couples add your special location

For the Tea lovers - Take a break together

From morning coffee to evening tea, these coasters are a sweet idea for the tea or coffee obsessed. Lovely little idea for bedside tables, one for each of you. Or for their office desk to remind them you're thinking of them always! They can also be engraved on the back with a special (or secret) message if you like!

For the Bookworm Lost in the Pages:

Tree Carving Bookmark: Do they have a love for getting lost in a good book? This personalised bookmark, crafted from natural wood and engraved with your initials, marks their place and reminds them of you with every turn of the page.  And you can add your own special message just to them on the back too!

Tree Carving initials Wooden Engraved Couple Bookmark

For the Keeper of Memories:

Engraved Walnut Ring Box: This intimate treasure chest, not just for rings, these wooden magnetic boxes are great little something to show how much you love them! Are you thinking of popping the question? Look no further.... Engraved with your initials, and a secret message on the inside, perfect for a special quote or a date. 

Engraved initial walnut ring box


More than just gifts these Valentines keepsakes remind them of your favourite places, special days and most of all, how much you love them. Personalise them with your favourite in jokes, how bloody amazing they are and how glad you are to have them with you. 

These are just some of the items we have in our valentines collection otherwise I'd be writing forever!  But you can find the rest of our Valentines Collection here

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