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Dad's Snacks - Personalised Slate Serving Platter

Dad's Snacks - Personalised Slate Serving Platter

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Keep Dad's Nibbles Safe with the Hilarious "Dad's Snacks (Not For You)" Slate Plate!

Dads deserve a little peace and quiet when it comes to snack time, don't they? Introducing the: "Dad Snacks" slate plate, the perfect (and hilarious) Father's Day gift for the snack-loving dad in your life!

Here's what makes this slate plate the ultimate Dad gift:
  • Fun and Functional: This slate plate is ideal for holding Dad's favourite snacks – think cookies, Crisps, pretzels, or whatever his sweet (or salty) tooth desires.
  • Personalised Message: The playful engraving "Dad Snacks *No You can't have any" leaves no room for doubt – these snacks are off-limits to everyone else! (Except maybe the dog, we won't judge). But you can choose the custom engraving
  • Durable and Stylish: Made from natural slate, this plate offers a unique, rustic charm that complements any kitchen or man cave.
  • Perfect for Father's Day: It's a light-hearted and fun gift that shows Dad you care about his snacking needs (and his sanity!).
The "Dad Snacks" slate plate is the ideal gift for:
  • Dads who love to snack: Let him indulge in his favourite treats without fear of them disappearing!
  • Fathers who appreciate a good laugh: The playful message is sure to bring a smile to his face.
  • Anyone looking for a unique and thoughtful Father's Day gift: This plate is a memorable and practical present that Dad will enjoy for years to come.

Order your "Dad Snacks" slate plate today and make Father's Day extra special!
P.S. While Dad's snacks are definitely off-limits, feel free to fill the plate with his favourites before gifting it – a pre-stocked snack haven is sure to earn you some major brownie points!

The slate measures 30cm x 12cm and is engraved in the middle, With this message or your own personalised version. 

Make sure spelling, capital letters punctuation are all how you would like the message to be laid out as the message will be copied as is. I will message you if I spot anything obviously wrong with the spelling.

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